Friday, July 31, 2009

Bloodwork and such

The results are in...I am broken, but it's fixable! Basically, Dr. Parker found that my estrogen is low, as is my progesterone. I was so relieved that he found something wrong, however when I explained that I had been stressed all week that he wouldn't find anything wrong, he told me not to worry because I "am a walking pathology report." Doctor humor for, "you're pretty screwed up!"

So, he has me taking something that starts with a "N", but I can't read the rest of the script: doctors writing. It is supposed to block out something that does something to fix something else. I really don't remember exactly what he said about this particular one, as it was a last minute one he threw in, but he thought it was a good idea. From what I gathered, it will make me feel euphoric, so bring it on!

He also has me taking Clomid (yuck!) on cd 3-5, however it's too late to start this month. And, I'll just remain hopeful that I won't need it next month, as I HATE that med! I am also taking an HCG shot on 3,5,7 and 9dpo. It will trick my body into thinking it's pregnant and make it produce progesterone and estrogen. Quite frankly, I don't care how we tell my body it's pregnant, if it includes trickery and it's a sticky pregnancy, I'll take it.

Speaking of sticky pregnancy, he is pretty sure I was pregnant last month, according to my numbers, however, I was way too messed up to keep it. Oddly enough, I was actually excited that I can get pregnant on my own and I'm not too upset about "almost" being pregnant. I really was scared to death to get pregnant last month anyway, as I knew there were things wrong that wouldn't support a pregnancy and I didn't want to worry about it for the next 9 months.

So, today, I took my scripts to the compounding pharmacy and will pick them up on Monday, and by then, I'll be ready for my euphoric feeling! Chad turns 30 this Sunday and he's rather cranky about it. I'll be in need of a happy pill after putting up with that all weekend.

Off to think happy, positive, ttc thoughts...

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