Friday, July 31, 2009

Bloodwork and such

The results are in...I am broken, but it's fixable! Basically, Dr. Parker found that my estrogen is low, as is my progesterone. I was so relieved that he found something wrong, however when I explained that I had been stressed all week that he wouldn't find anything wrong, he told me not to worry because I "am a walking pathology report." Doctor humor for, "you're pretty screwed up!"

So, he has me taking something that starts with a "N", but I can't read the rest of the script: doctors writing. It is supposed to block out something that does something to fix something else. I really don't remember exactly what he said about this particular one, as it was a last minute one he threw in, but he thought it was a good idea. From what I gathered, it will make me feel euphoric, so bring it on!

He also has me taking Clomid (yuck!) on cd 3-5, however it's too late to start this month. And, I'll just remain hopeful that I won't need it next month, as I HATE that med! I am also taking an HCG shot on 3,5,7 and 9dpo. It will trick my body into thinking it's pregnant and make it produce progesterone and estrogen. Quite frankly, I don't care how we tell my body it's pregnant, if it includes trickery and it's a sticky pregnancy, I'll take it.

Speaking of sticky pregnancy, he is pretty sure I was pregnant last month, according to my numbers, however, I was way too messed up to keep it. Oddly enough, I was actually excited that I can get pregnant on my own and I'm not too upset about "almost" being pregnant. I really was scared to death to get pregnant last month anyway, as I knew there were things wrong that wouldn't support a pregnancy and I didn't want to worry about it for the next 9 months.

So, today, I took my scripts to the compounding pharmacy and will pick them up on Monday, and by then, I'll be ready for my euphoric feeling! Chad turns 30 this Sunday and he's rather cranky about it. I'll be in need of a happy pill after putting up with that all weekend.

Off to think happy, positive, ttc thoughts...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Surgery Outcome and leaking incision sites

I had my surgery about a month ago now. It was very successful. Dr. Parker was found many things that he wasn't expecting to find, but I'm fairly positive that he was glad that it wasn't as bad as he expected.

He found Stage 1/2 Endo and cut it out. It was on my uterus and left ovary. He also found that my right ovary was stuck to my pelvic floor. So, it was basically, out of commission. It was unstuck during the surgery and should be good to go now! He also did a dnc to remove multiple polyps from my uterine lining, which were preventing implantation. He found that my uterus is classified as bicornate (heart shaped), which may or may not be a problem. Only time will tell. I doubt it will since I've been pregnant twice already.

For the last month, I've been going for blood draws every other day for a hormone panel. I had my estradial, progesterone, DHEAS, thyroid, prolactin, LH and FSH tested. I get the results next Thursday and I'm really excited. I really hope there are fixable problems I can take meds to correct.

As for surgery success, this has been the best and least painful period I've had in a long time! I think if I worked summers, I wouldn't have needed to take the day off work. That to me, is wonderful. My ovulation still hurt, but I'm so used to that, it's not really worth trying to find out what's wrong anymore.

I'll post when I get my blood results. Until then, I'm thinking fertile thoughts!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A year later...

Wow, it's really been over a year since my last post. Lots to catch up on. That really expensive IUI I discussed in the previous post, didn't work. But, many entertaining stories exist due to the experience. Like, the $50 vial of meds that were shot around my kitchen on accident...oops! Or, the crying I did when Chad had to give me a shot in my butt with the largest needle ever. Had I never seen it, I would have been just fine.

After the failure of that cycle, I did a lot of soul searching. We looked into adoption, but cost wise, it's not the road we can choose at this time. Plus, doing so still ignores the fact that there is something drastically wrong with me. I need to be fixed. Which leads to our current situation.

About 6 months ago, I was reading my monthly issue of The Catholic Times, the one and only issue I have ever read. And, I believe it was not an accident that I read it. In the paper, was an article about the Creighton Method of Family Planning (CrMs) and Natural Procreative Technology (NaPro Technology). This was a natural way to conceive, and if that didn't work, the doctor actually looks for what is wrong with the couple and fixes it! While to many, this seems like a natural thing for a doctor to do, in my experience, it's not. A fertility specialist is worried about their successful pregnancy rates, not fixing your problems. According to fertility specialists, the solution for most problems is IVF. However, this just overrides the fertility issue and forces a body, that isn't healthy enough for pregnancy to get and STAY pregnant. My RE (fertility doc) told me that IVF was my only option. Well, I am still broken, and now, my wallet is broke after spending 4 1/2 YEARS in his office. So, I gladly said goodbye to him and looked up a NaPro doc. There isn't a lot of information out there, so it was very hard to come by anything helpful. So, I just set the article aside and forgot about it.

Then, months later, I bought the book, The Secret. Something in it struck me. The entire book is about being positive and seeing what you want happening to you. In one chapter, it explained that just being positive and thinking positive thoughts isn't always enough, sometimes you need to work for what you want. Immediately, I thought about the Catholic Times article. Oddly, I had saved it for over 6 months.

I searched and finally found a doctor that I loved. Dr. Parker in Gahanna. He is amazing. Our first consultation was 1 1/2 hours of questions about my fertility history. Some of the questions I had been asked before, some I had no idea how they related to fertility. I explained that my ovaries hurt insanely, every month, waiting for him to respond with, "Some women have pain with ovulation, that's normal, " as other docs had in the past. However, he was extremely concerned for my level of pain and actually said that it wasn't normal. At that moment, I knew I was going down the right path. I could have cried.

His initial impression led him to believe that I have mild PCOS, thyroid issues and my endo may be back. Wow! He wanted to do surgery ASAP to fix me. OMG, loving him! I am scheduled for surgery next week and my pre-op is tomorrow. He will also do an ultrasound to see my ovaries and order blood work for my hormone levels.

So, that should just about catch everyone up on me. I promise not to go so long without writing again!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Back on the ttc road

We took a break after the last two failed IUI's. But, we've picked ourselves up, dusted off the failure dust and saved our money like people on a mission. I sure wish my insurance (and most other's for that matter) looked at infertility as a medical issue. Then, they'd cover the cost for all these procedures. I don't dare go back and add up what we've spent in the past. All I know is that this next IUI will drain our bank account! The meds were $700 alone. We'll have at least 2 (possibly more) ultrasounds to check the follies, (eggs and how many eggs will release), at $340 a piece and then the IUI at $316. Sounds like fun huh?! However, so long as the outcome is what we want, I would spend that many times over.

I'm trying not to worry about the fact that 1/5 women end up with twins, 1/10 triplets and 1/20 more that that...scary huh? The doc was a little leery of doing this IUI with these injectable meds because I have been pregnant twice in the past and I am still "young" in terms of fertility. He offered selective reduction if we end up with more than 2 implanting. I realize that he has to mention this, but Chad and I refused on the spot. See, with selective reduction, you wait until 10 week gestation and decide which babies to abort. Um, no thanks, have a slight problem with killing my own baby. I figure that what ever God gives us, he has a reason for it.

I'm allergic to Firewood...

Yes, I'm horrible at this blogging thing. I started it as an insight into infertility, but since we're on a little break for the time being, I'm didn't post. However, things are about to pick back up, so I'm off and running again!

But, on a non-fertility note...Ayden is hilarious. Seriously, I secretly know that he got it from me, but won't break Chad's heart with the news. Anywho, on Monday, in the car on the way to school, Ayden started coughing a lovely croupy cough. I said, "Oh Ayden, I think you're getting a cold." He replied, "No mom, I'm just allergic to firewood." Huh? I'm sure this has been the source of many family members laughs this past week as it has been one of mine!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's been awhile!

Well, I'm back. It's been quite awhile since I've posted. Life has been busy and I've been trying to obsess WAY less about ttc. Rather, I've filled my time enjoying my son. It has been wonderful. I don't really know how I would have made it this far in my ttc journey without him.

That being said, we are on to another ttc adventure. We are planning on doing another IUI, but rather than using the dreaded Clomid again, we'll be using some injectables. They are way more potent and create better quality eggs. They can also create higher order multiples, but I am willing to take on whatever God has in store for us.

I plan on keeping this updated as we tread through this unchartered territory. I'm not sure what to expect. I know there will be daily shots and tons of ultrasounds. I'll assume, like with all other fertility things we've tried, there will be an emotional roller coaster thrown in there, too. But, I feel like I'm much better prepared for what to expect this IUI. Perhaps, it's because I've been through it a couple of times before and know not to get my hopes up. Whatever the outcome over the next couple of months, I know it will be another chance for me to learn more about myself and my capabilities to cope with a lot more than I ever thought possible.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ayden's first week at school...

This was Ayden's first week at preschool. So, I've been busy getting him to school, picking him up and hanging out with him before he heads to bed. Then, I just crash from being incredibly tired. Seriously, I'm pooped. Between being back at work and playing with my little man, I've run out of energy to do anything for myself, including post on here. So, while ttc is on hold for this month, I'll just try to post once a week.

We decided that ttc could be on hold for this month. I took the Clomid, but my u/s was going to be really early because of the weekend and I really couldn't miss 2 days this early in the school year. Next month, I'll need the break from the kids, but I need to be at work now. It's actually nice to have something to get my mind off of ttc. Funny though, people actually think that Clomid alone will work. I've had 3 people now tell me, well maybe this will be all you no. Seriously people. I've tried Clomid alone 7 times and it's never led to anything resembling a pregnancy. Just when I am keeping my hopes down, people try to get them up. I just want one month of not talking about ttc. So, this is the month for that. Next month, IUI here I come. For now, no ttc talk. So, my blog will not refer to ttc for 2 1/2 weeks when AF comes again.